Hello! My name is Kyra Williams (she/her).

My mission is to facilitate and foster a meaningful connection with my community, environment, and self through active learning and thoughtful action, as well as spark inspiration for those in my community to do the same.

As a marketing and communications consultant, my client comes first, and I believe this starts with actively listening to my client’s needs and expectations. Once I understand my client’s values, I provide my expertise while holding space for client feedback and collaboration. I understand that as projects progress, needs and expectations can change and sometimes need extra attention. I believe building positive client relationships require flexibility and adaptability – skills I guarantee to put forward in my work with you. 

My why:

Growing up in a small city in Interior B.C., I always felt a strong pull to get out of dodge and challenge my small town socialization. I made the move to Vancouver Island and started working towards my BCom Degree at the University of Victoria.

I was stopped in my tracks when mid-way through my degree, I was diagnosed with Leukemia, a form of blood cancer that drastically changed my perspectives, values, and beliefs into what they are today.

After my diagnosis and now cancer-free, I found myself in a heightened state of empathy. I felt drawn to connect with my community and environment in more intentional ways, I listened to other people’s challenges and successes more than I ever had before, and fell in love with hearing the grass-roots stories of small business owners.  It is through this experience, my passion for working with local, independent businesses truly blossomed.

With my marketing expertise and understanding of the small business landscape I will help you: 

•   tell your story in a way that will capture your customer’s attention

•   develop marketing strategies that will expand your customer base

•   encourage long-lasting consumer relationships

•.  professionally represent your business in reaching and sustaining new sales channels


understand my education and awareness of cultural and gender differences is an ongoing learning process, and I am committed to leading my life through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.