my goals

Photo by:  Marlboro Wang at Book Focal

I have a passion for:

Doing what I love, with intention.

What are my career goals?

To be entirely honest, I don’t exactly know where I see myself in ten years. What I do know is that, whatever it is, it will align with my values, whether these remain the same or change over time. Being in your early 20s is a lot of fun, the world is your oyster, and with time you’ll have yourself a pearl. Much like our lives, we don’t just end up where we want to be. Pearls are special because they take time to become something, it doesn’t just happen overnight. This generation is all about creating fast results and acquiring the next best thing. I think if we took a step back, we would realize, the process of getting to where we want to be is actually where we want to be. The process might even be where we find the most value in our time spent on this earth. The question is always, “what do you want to do?” when it should be, “what are you doing right now?”  We are in an industrialized civilization and with that, comes the looming expectation to always have an answer for what we want to do. When realistically, shouldn’t we keep our options open? I am not saying we shouldn’t strive for our dreams and goals. I am saying to be open to the possibility of change over time. It’s trial and error and we should really take life a lot less seriously. Life is short, so go on and live it.

What do I love and value?

  • Spending time in nature
  • Integrating health & wellness in all aspects of my life
  • Creative freedom
  • Inner enlightenment through meditative exploration and mindfulness

Why did I choose business?

A business degree can take you in a countless number of directions. Your future is full of opportunities and can be anything you decide to make of it. I definitely have a passion in marketing, but also can see myself owning my own business. I really enjoy collaborating and creating quality content that brings together an engaged community. When it comes down to it, all we have is each other. If there is a way to help create a better sense of togetherness in the midst of our busy lives, then that is exactly what I will be doing.