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My life at a glance

Life is a delusional roller coaster without being able to see when the next 90° drop is coming and no matter how hard we try, there is no way to avoid those anxiety-driven butterflies in our stomachs.

I would consider the first twenty years of my life pretty “normal” by Western society’s standards. Normal — totally an overused word that makes absolutely no sense at all.

My upbringing

I was born in Vancouver, B.C. and I grew up in the small city of Kamloops, B.C.  Kamloops is a hub for outdoor activity. Because of this, I was raised with a strong value for nature. Whether it be with a hike in the summer or with a ski day in the winter, I have always made time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

With only a 45 minute drive from Sun Peaks ski resort, my life became centered around skiing. I started ski racing when I was just ten years old and fell in love with it.

Being in the mountains is where I feel at home. It is where my family has spent some of our fondest memories together. If there is one place I could live the rest of my life in peace, without a care in the world, this is where it would be.

My early 20s

After high school, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Victoria. My first time living away from home and new to independent living, I was 100% naïve and felt completely invincible. I met amazing new people and began discovering who I was outside the confinements of high school cliques and expectations.

In my third year of uni, I took a semester off to travel to Australia, New Zealand, and Kenya, Africa. I was searching for passion in my life and what better way to find that than through travelling?

I learned so much, but despite this, I still did not feel entirely fulfilled. Everything in my life was going well, but for some reason, I still felt drawn to experience something more. I just didn’t know what that was…

Learning I’m not invincible

I was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer. It is such an ambiguous word. What even is cancer? Cancer is a disease that people try to stay as far away from as possible. I never thought it would come for me at such a young age.

My life went from “normal” to what felt completely the opposite. It came as a total shock, not only to me but to all the people around me. Eventually, I came to realize that almost everyone knows or has known someone in their lives with cancer if it wasn’t themselves.

It’s our own light we must find that guides us to where we want to go.

I had to learn how to accept the unknown, the uncertainty of my world, and to find my light even through the darkest of times. When we embrace the pain and sacrifice, we can finally gain resilience and self-fulfillment in our lives. By fighting it, we lose control over the one thing we have control over — our mindset and perspective we choose to take. I chose to turn away from self-doubt and fear and turned my focus onto what made me truly happy. I am now in remission, living a full and healthy life, and living better than ever before.

I want this blog to inspire others to manifest their deepest desires. I want it to inspire others to find peace in the unknown. Above all, I want it to inspire you to discover full and complete fulfillment in yourself. 🌟